No You Can’t Do That!

No You Can’t Do That!

For years I had always dismissed the idea of working for myself as I considered that I didn’t have the skills and wasn’t brave enough to take the risk. I had grown up with a successful family business and saw firsthand the demands it can have on your life, but I also appreciated the many benefits it could bring. I am a proud farmer’s daughter, fresh creamy milk on tap, juicy sweetcorn picked straight from the field and a large garden to play with my friends (ok you did have to dodge the cow pats!).

About 15 years ago I started to have some conversations with a friend, who had his own marketing business about whether I should set up on my own as an independent Human Resources (HR) Consultant. Throughout the years we would rehash this conversation and each time it would last no more than 5 minutes before I would shut the idea down as I didn’t think I had the sales skills and couldn’t cope with the insecurity of not having a fixed income.

Reflecting back I can see exactly how I was getting in my own way and actually it was my fears and not my perceived lack of sales skills that was the root cause of my problem.

Is it just the January Blues or is it time to go?

Is it just the January Blues or is it time to go?

It’s fine it’s just a temporary thing…. I just need to get back into my routine and all will be fine.’ Everybody feels like this in January….don’t they?’

The evenings are dark, temperatures have dropped and the weather forecasters start to mention the word snow. All the excitement of Christmas, the time off, giving yourself permission to eat and drink and be merry seems a distant past.

You seem to be carrying this extra weight around (and I’m not talking those few extra Christmas pounds!) a big black cloud descends whenever thoughts turn to work. Is it a bad patch? Will things get better? Is it just the time of year? We all have times when we struggle to get motivated for work, how do we tell if it’s more than a blip and that its time to go? When is enough, enough?

In your heart, you probably already know the answer to this but maybe you don’t want to admit it as this would mean you would need to do something about it. Instead, you push it to the back of your mind and justify to yourself that the time is not now.

Am I describing you?

When the Christmas cheer has disappeared and the January blues sets in.

When the Christmas cheer has disappeared and the January blues sets in.

I don’t know about you but in previous years when the Christmas parties have ended, the chocolates have all been eaten, my trousers are feeling tighter and the cheer has disappeared I find it hard to get myself motivated.  I see all the posts about setting your resolutions, about creating the new you and start to feel pressure because I am not conforming; which if I am not careful will drag me down further. So what do you do when you have lost your New Year, New You Mojo?

Here are my 5 tips to banish those January Blues:

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