Whats story are you telling yourself?  Its time to admit the truth!

Whats story are you telling yourself? Its time to admit the truth!

You’ve contemplated what you would include in your resignation letter, maybe you have thought about how you would tell your boss, should you tell them the real reasons or keep it simple? You start to contemplate how much better you would feel and then you… STOP. You come to a grinding halt, the brakes are slammed on and you tell yourself to get back in the real world and to stop dreaming. You need to face reality, this is your life and those dreams are serving you no purpose. Instead, you start to tell yourself all the reasons why you won’t be resigning; you won’t be writing that letter or walking away from your job and you surrender yourself to the fact that things are just the way they are. But do they have to be like this?

This is a cycle I found myself continually faced with, having the same conversations over and over in my head until I really acknowledge what was happening, I was putting up barriers, reasons why I couldn’t take the leap because I was scared, I was getting in my own way.

To break the cycle and move forward you need to get honest with yourself, understand how you are holding yourself back and admit that actually, you are putting the barriers in place, preventing yourself from escaping.

STOP the Job Search!

STOP the Job Search!

You have dusted off and reviewed your CV, you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile and you are feeling positive, already you can feel your shoulders relaxing and feel your mood lifting. This weekend you have cleared the diary so you can get down to some serious job searching and online networking.  Well done you’ve made the commitment. This is the very first step needed in any career change process. ‘I’m going to do this and I’m serious about it!’ But are you ready to start your job search?  Let me ask you a question. Do you know what you want for your future, do you know what you want from a job, and do you know what sort of job will make you thrive?

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