Am I Having A Mid Life Crisis Or Is It Time To Quit My Job?

Am I Having A Mid Life Crisis Or Is It Time To Quit My Job?

I’m going to let you into a secret; this was the exact thought I had in my head when I started to seriously contemplating making changes to my career. The big 40 was looming, a couple of years earlier I had lost my mum and I had started to question what I wanted from life. The path I had envisaged had not materialized for me, I had not met my Mr Perfect, the family I assumed I would have, had not materialised. However, life was generally good; I had a lovely home, a great family and amazing friends. I would travel far and wide a number of times a year and life was very comfortable. But was comfortable enough?

Job or Career?  Does it matter?

Job or Career? Does it matter?

Is there a difference between a job and a career and does it really matter? I must admit I use both terms, I refer to myself as a career coach, but will use job and career interchangeably. The other day I got asked by a prospective client what is the difference and this got me thinking.

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