I don’t know who I am anymore.

I don’t know who I am anymore.

When I first walked away from my corporate job, I was filled with great excitement and wondered what the next chapter of my life would bring. Who would I meet and where would it take me? I was a single girl with close family ties but nothing holding me down; I literally could go anywhere and try anything. But that was also extremely scary as everything that had come to define me and shape my daily routine was open to change. I found myself starting to question who was the real Kerrie and what did I want and what did I wanted my legacy to be.

Have you gone back  to your old job?

Have you gone back to your old job?

Have you found yourself going back to that job that you know? You thought you had made the break, you had planned your escape but for whatever reason, you are back there. Maybe they offered you more money, perhaps you changed employer but it may as well be the same. Maybe you’ve gone from being an employee to a contractor. Perhaps you found yourself in a redundancy situation and you felt this would force you to do what you’ve wanted for a while, but then you got scared and thought better the devil you know and maybe this is as good as it gets. Could you think of nothing else and until you do you will stay with what you know you can’t put your family through this uncertainty.

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