Could Furlough be the Kick Start to your Career Change?

Could Furlough be the Kick Start to your Career Change?

Fed up with being furloughed? Initially, the concept of receiving 80% of your salary but not having to work can seem alluring. You start to create a list of all the things you can finally get round to doing, which then shrinks when you remove the ones that are now restricted due to self-isolation and social distancing requirement.

For some, it may be the first time in your career you have ever take time out other than your annual holidays. But as time goes on it can become very unsettling, with a promise of a review of lockdown but no end date or what restrictions may start to be lifted the anxiety of the unknown continues to challenge our emotional status. Some days we feel motivated to take action and other days all we want to do is curl up on the sofa, stay in our PJs, eat and watch TV all day.

Planning a career change in a recession are you mad?

Planning a career change in a recession are you mad?

Was 2020 going to be the year you finally escaped your miserable job, but now with forecasting of shrinkage in the global economy due to COV-19, you start to question your chances. With organisations implementing hiring freezes and more people facing redundancy, shouldn’t you just be grateful that you have a job? However, you feel more trapped than ever in a job that no longer works for you, which no longer meets your needs and you are trying to convince yourself and everyone else that you’re fine. You feel claustrophobic, the walls feel as though they are moving in, the lights are dimmed and a mild panic rises in from your gut. How will you ever find your way out?

All change!  Aboard the emotional roller-coaster.

All change! Aboard the emotional roller-coaster.

Crickey! What can I say, these last few weeks my emotions have been all over the place, crying at the amazing stories of goodwill and community spirit, when it’s time to clap for the NHS on a Thursday night or seeing an old couple walk hand in hand around the supermarket as they face together the uncertainties of when they will next be able to do what seems an ordinary task.

But then there have been moments of resilience, my fighting spirit coming forth as I am determined not to let the virus impact my business. I’ve found my creative genes as I think of new ways to stay connected with those I love and keep them entertained and opportunities to pivot my business in different directions.

It has only really been today though that I’ve started to realise that I am riding my own change curve.

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