What is causing your career plateau?

What is causing your career plateau?

In our careers and life, in general, we will have times when we are working towards goals, maybe it’s buying a house, working towards a promotion or studying and other times when we perhaps feel as though we are going through a quiet period when we take time to just be and enjoy the fruits of our labour. But sometimes quiet periods or plateaus can bring negative feelings such as dissatisfaction and boredom. To the outside world, everything may seem fine, and perhaps the job isn’t that bad, but something is missing or there is some frustration brewing.

When is a career plateau more than a quiet period? When the feelings we have are causing us emotional and/or physical distress it is time to take action. But what action we take will depend on what is driving these negative emotions. If we can uncover the reason we are feeling this way then we can be clearer about an effective course of action.

Here are 6 common reasons people feel frustrated in their careers and my recommendation for how to move forward.

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