How to get from A to B in a career change.

How to get from A to B in a career change.

You have this clear image of your next career move, and as you think about it you feel the excitement bubbling away, and despite trying to manage your expectations and tell yourself to get real, the thought won’t leave you, it’s like a magnet pulling you forward.  But let’s face it you still need to pay the bills and keep a roof over your head so how do you make a career shift when there is a temporary or permanent reduction in your income?

In this blog, I am sharing the different routes real clients have taken to make their transition into their ideal career with the aim of inspiring you into action and helping you contemplate which option could work for your unique situation.

How do you create clarity when working in chaos?

How do you create clarity when working in chaos?

Have you found yourself in a job where there seems to be no plan, each member of the team is working on their own agenda, with little consistency or synergy?

Perhaps you’ve gone from working with a manager who was very directive to another who is hands-off.

Or maybe there is an impending change on the horizon that raises questions about what should be your priority right now?

Or maybe a global pandemic has through all plans up in the air!

When ambiguity in our careers is impacting our ability to a) do the job and b) enjoy it, it can be emotionally and physically exhausting showing up each day as we battle through the fog that is work.  However, there are actions we can take to improve the situation for ourselves. 

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