5 Recommendations If You Are The New Kid On The Block  (Starting A New Job)

5 Recommendations If You Are The New Kid On The Block (Starting A New Job)

Starting a new job can be exciting; getting stuck into fresh challenges, meeting new people and making a contribution, maybe even an opportunity to reinvent yourself. But let’s face it, it can also be daunting, questioning if we are going to fit in, have we made the right decision, are we going to be good enough, will people like us and not knowing really what to expect.

And when you worked at your previous place for over 20 years and you were the person who knew it all, the one people turned to, the fountain of all knowledge the guru all these feelings can intensify, which is exactly the situation a couple of my clients have found themselves in recently.

This blog takes a look at how we can build strong foundations in the first few days and weeks of a new job.

Learning to survive January!

Learning to survive January!

Boom and before we know it the Christmas holiday season has gone.  Now what?  You thought some time off would have recharged you, but instead, you are feeling lethargic and grey like the weather!

 And perhaps on top of that, you are trying to have a cheap month after the expense of Christmas, planning on shifting those holiday pounds and even going for dry January – not surprising then many of us struggle with the beginning of the year and all this on top of a career that isn’t working right now. 

If you are nodding your head in agreement or know someone who is, here are my top tips for surviving the January blues.

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