You’ve made the decision; you are going to find another job. You know this job is not making you happy, you know you’ve become irritable with your loved ones and you constantly find yourself feeling negative about life. No longer are you going to let life drift on, you’re ready to take action! You’ve been here before but this time it’s different, you’re serious!

You have dusted off and reviewed your CV, you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile and you are feeling positive, already you can feel your shoulders relaxing and feel your mood lifting. This weekend you have cleared the diary so you can get down to some serious job searching and online networking.  Well done you’ve made the commitment. This is the very first step needed in any career change process. ‘I’m going to do this and I’m serious about it!’ But are you ready to start your job search?  Let me ask you a question. Do you know what you want for your future, do you know what you want from a job, and do you know what sort of job will make you thrive?

In my experience as a career coach, this is why people will give up at the first hurdle. They have missed a vital step and not got clear on what they need from a job and in doing so they come to the conclusion that there isn’t anything better out there and stay put. If they did preserve with their search and have found a new job, then once they are over the initial honeymoon period they will start to experience those same feelings of unhappiness as the cycle continues. This is because they have not opened their mind and instead are looking at jobs that to all intense and purposes are largely the same as what they have been trying to escape and not taken the time to understand what they really need to make them feel content at work.  

Your objective in a career search is to find a job that fits you; it complements you, as opposed to squeezing yourself into a job. You want to make sure the move you make is going to be a positive one and while you may be at your wit's end with your current job, let’s make sure we aren’t repeating the same mistakes.  You need to get clear on your WHY!

There are three main phases to a career change once you have made the commitment to do something about it, the why, the what, the how.

  1. Why – what is my motivation, what do I want from life, what is important to me?
  2. What – what environment will enable me to thrive, what am I good at that I enjoy and what am I interested in?
  3. How – how can I find it and make it a reality?

The why phase is all about understanding what you want from your life and how this translates to your career.  How can your career support your needs, how it can enable you to thrive? If you could live your ideal life who would you be, what would you have, what would you be able to do? Often we will overlook this phase in our desperation to escape, but to help us have the confidence the move we are making is going to be worth it, that we are going to enjoy our work, we need to start with these questions first. Once you have clarity and understand your motivation, then you are ready to move into the 'what' – what job do I want to do that will support my 'why' and then the 'how', how do I find it!

This weekend instead of starting your job search, start with your self-search, understand what you want for yourself and for your family, get clear on how this is not currently being met with your job so you have your motivation to continue with your career change. Picture what your life would look like if you could find a job that allows you to live this ideal life and hold on to that! Get clear on your vision and then you can move on to the what.

If you are serious about making a career change but need someone to guide you through the process you may want to consider a career coach.  If this sounds like you then start today by booking a free introductory call now.  In this hour session, we will talk about your situation and understand how you may be holding yourself back.  We will identify one immediate action you can take to kick start your career change.