Changing career is not easy but is totally doable, I know I have done it myself and supported others through it and witnessed the positive impact it has when you find a job which enables you to live the life you want. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as waving your magic wand or waiting for a lightbulb moment or for someone else to come and offer you your dream job. However, if you are willing to invest in yourself, to do the work, take action and step outside your comfort zone you can do it!

Perhaps you have been questioning your future in your current job, you don’t feel like you fit, or maybe it’s no longer fulfilling your needs, you are struggling with the direction the organisation is taking, or simply your priorities in life have changed. It happens. We grow and evolve and our lives will take us in new and unknown paths. A job does not need to be for life!

Often though people will put up with these feelings of unfulfillment, dissatisfaction, misalignment, anxiety and stress because they don’t know what else to do or how to make that career leap. So what does it mean to make a change, to shift your career in a different direction?

The process of making a career change is like buying a house. You have decided that your current home is no longer right for you and your family. Perhaps you are bursting at the seams and neither a good declutter and another car boot sale is going to give you the space you need. Maybe you have decided that the location is not working for you, you want to swap city life for sea air. Or perhaps you want to downsize, reduce your mortgage and be able to invest in other parts of your life. The point is you start with a vision; there is an image you have for your future, what you want your life to look like, the lifestyle you desire. This is the same for your career; you have a vision of what you want to be able to do, to have and who you want to be. The first step in your career change journey is to allow yourself to build this vision and to get clear on what you want for your life and understand how this translates to your career.

Your vision of your new home then builds the basis of your property shopping list. The location, the outdoor space, the number of bedrooms, any particular features and styles. Within your list, you will have those non-negotiables and other areas which you can compromise on. This is the same with your career. Once you are clear on what is important to you, what your non-negotiables are for your life you can start to understand how this translates into your career. What you find interesting and how this combines with skills you like using. What is the right environment for you and the people you need around you to help you thrive.

Armed with your property list you begin reviewing listings and go on viewings and will feel more confident in making a purchase that will fulfil your needs. And as you progress with your viewings you will get even more specific on what will work. Similarly, as you build your career list and begin investigating potential careers and companies, talking to people in jobs and organisations of interest you too will start to get answers, gain clarity on what that next step looks like and see your route into that new career uncover. Your confidence will grow in your ability to make that leap.

Like buying a house changing career requires you to:

  1. Get clear on what you want for your future and how this translates into your career.
  2. Understand what different elements will enable you to thrive in your career
  3. Take action and start to explore

If you have moved house then you can move career it's totally doable!

If you found this useful but not confident about taking these steps alone that let's talk, I have various resources available to help people kick start your career change.