Why is it that we trust an expert to give us advice but we don’t listen to ourselves, to our own intuition and feelings?  I often get asked by potential clients if they work with me will I tell them what career they should do, what job will make them happy, what career will complement their life and add to it. My answer is no I won’t. Now maybe I am shooting myself in the foot here and curving my potential earning abilities!  But if I did this I would be imposing my own views and values on your future.  Actually, only you can really figure this out. My job is to show you how; to give you the tools to build your career escape plan and to support you as you wave goodbye to that soul-sucking job and say hello to your new career adventure.

Maybe as desperation sets in you search online for those career assessments, you know the ones in which you answer questions about your likes and dislikes and it spits out recommendations on what will be a good fit. Perhaps you’ve taken them at school or college as I did.   My results said a Funeral Director, followed by a Photographer and then a Human Resources Manager.  The last being my original career path, although this assessment had nothing to do with that outcome.

We may think to invest in an assessment or engaging a career advisor to tell us is the easy option but it’s unlikely to get you the results. A career change takes work, reflection, an open mind and action to really find that job that will fit you.

Why would we rather trust the recommendation of an ‘expert’ as opposed to ourselves? Maybe it’s because we associate the term expert with quality and confidence. We lack confidence in ourselves to get it right; we feel we failed in securing that right role last time so are we going to this time?  But what if you shift your thinking, instead of getting it wrong last time, how about we contemplate the fact that what you want for yourself now has evolved and maybe it's now about finessing.

Perhaps we think it’s easier, a quicker route.  However, if we haven’t engaged with ourselves; if we haven’t put the work in and got clear on what we want, what we enjoy doing, what interests us and what we need, then it’s more than likely going to be a temporary solution.  In 6 months, one year or two you will experience these same feelings of dissatisfaction that you are feeling now.  A successful career change requires you to get clear on what will make you happy and open your mind before you focus in on a new career.

Or maybe you are looking for confirmation that it really is time to move on as your fears are kicking in and you are trying to convince yourself that things aren’t as bad and you are looking for someone to validate your next step. Whenever we start to consider something different from the known it is common to start to question ourselves, but if you have been feeling like this for a while then trust yourself you don't need someone to validate your actions.

So Kerrie, who can tell me what would be a good fit for me, I hear you say. Well, simply it’s YOU! You are the expert in you. Only you have access to your thoughts, your emotions, your fears, your aspirations and these are the starting point for figuring out what the next move will be. Create that positive mindset and space to consider what’s important for you.

When you are contemplating a career change you need to put yourself at the centre of your search. To find that ideal career you need to get clear on who you want to be, what you want to be able to have and do. You need to understand what skills you like to use, what environment and people you need to surround yourself with to thrive. Only when you have these questions answered are you ready to move on to consider potential career paths where these wants and needs come together.

A career coach's role is not to tell you what job will fit you but to show you how to find it out for yourself, to help you identify your obstacles and barriers and to support you through your journey. To help you get clear on your next step, to help you when you feel as though you have hit a brick wall and to celebrate with you as you take action and achieve your aspirations.

I have a free webinar aimed at helping you understand the different stages to a career change. This also includes the top 5 mistakes you will want to avoid. If this sounds of interest to you and you would like access then access it here!

Most of us will spend a third of our lives working, you have everything you need to help you figure out what career will fit you, sometimes is just about understanding how to unlock it. If you would like to understand more about career coaching and how it can help you then get in touch.