It can take a lot to finally admit that you need to take action, to pull your head out of the sand and realise that life is slipping away or to acknowledge that actually no one else but you can bring about the changes you are seeking. Whether it’s a change in your career, a relationship issue or something else, ignoring the problem can seem the easier option. Having to have an honest conversation with ourselves and make some difficult choices can seem too much so we do nothing. Until one day you have a wakeup call and realise the time for action is now.

Our wakeup call is sometimes a significant event and not always related to our problem, but it almost shocks you into action. Enough is enough and you give yourself permission to take one small step forward. In my case, it was the unexpected death of my mum which finally spurred me into action and by taking that action I gradually got clarity. For example, I applied for a Green Card as part of my escape plan from my job. I was living and working in the US but was on a sponsored visa which meant I could only work in the US for this one organization. The day my Green Card finally arrived in the post there was no excitement I didn’t feel any sense of relief and what I was able to admit to myself was that I was ready to return to the UK. This was a big clarifying moment for me.

But why is it that we need to experience a significant event in our lives to allow ourselves to make changes? What was it about the death of my mum that made me take action? A significant event can help us gain perspective, can make us appreciate what we do have and what we can work with, or in my case made me realise that life is short and I was spending too much of my time doing something that I wasn’t getting much fulfilment out of.

Are you sticking your head in the sand?

Is there a part of your life that you aren’t happy with, is making you miserable, maybe you are trying to ignore it. What if you had a safe place in which you could say out loud, ‘I don’t like this part of my life…..I want to change it?’

To start to make changes we have to acknowledge it, we have to pull our head out of the sand. Maybe this is your first step and if you don’t feel ready to say it out loud to someone else, just say it to yourself. It can feel liberating, trust me! Write it down so that it becomes real and is not just something that we are trying to shut away in the back of our mind.

The next step is to understand though what is getting in the way, what is it that we need to deal with which will enable us to take action. In the case of a career change, there tend to be three main reasons and often it will be a combination of all three.

  1. Our fears. The uncertainty of knowing if the grass is greener.
  2. We don’t know what else we could do, that we would enjoy and would fit our life.
  3. We have no idea how to make the transition from where we are to our next career.

In a previous blog, I gave some insight into how to deal with fears and limiting beliefs we may hold about ourselves.

If you need help working out what else you could do instead or how to make a successful career change then this free training resource is a great way to start. In this hour-long training session, I explain to you how to make a career change even when you don’t know where to start. This is based on real work I take my clients through who are now able to hold their heads up high in their new careers.

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