Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, what you heard throughout the interview process just doesn’t match up to the reality. Maybe you’ve realised that changing companies isn’t enough, it’s actually the job content itself that no longer fits you. Or shortly after you started a big organisational change was implemented which has significant impacts on the work that you do.

The despair is kicking in. You’ve tried talking to your manager, but to no avail. You’ve shared your concerns with family and friends, but they are encouraging you to stick it out as its probably just 'teething problems' and you need to get that magic year on your CV.

But you can’t see it getting any better, in fact, you know deep down that this is not going to work. You feel trapped and the despair is kicking in. You’ve noticed that your confidence and levels of self-esteem are plummeting. The impact is not constrained just to your working life but you’ve found you are struggling to sleep and are snapping at your loved ones. A year just seems too long and you are scared of the impact if you do continue to stick it out.

Does this sound familiar or do you know someone who is in this very situation? Here are my 4 steps to help you start to clear the fog and find your way through.

1.  Let go of the blame. Ok, so it hasn’t turned out how you thought, in fact, according to a Glassdoor survey, 60% of all new employers said that the job wasn’t what they expected. Beating yourself up for making a ‘bad decision’ is not serving you any purpose.  Acknowledge how you feel, but let go of the 'if only...'

2.  Say ‘no’ to the one year service. I have worked in the HR profession for over 20 years interviewing at all levels. If I was reviewing a candidate’s application and saw that they had a short spell at a Company, this would not automatically put them on the reject pile. Yes, it would be something I would want to ask the candidate about at interview, to understand the circumstances and to check that they wouldn’t be finding themselves in a similar situation if they were to be successful in their application. And if you were about to walk into a similar situation you wouldn’t want them to offer you the job.

3.  Don’t hide it. Be prepared to share with the interviewer the details of why you are looking to leave your current employer or why your time with a prior employer was short. Also though share what you have learnt from this experience and how you have applied this learning to your current job search. For example, if you are leaving an organisation because the commute was too much then tell how this is now a key factor for you in making decisions about who you want to work for in the future. If you found that you missed the in-person interaction with clients, explain how you are applying for positions which have a consistent level of in-person client interaction job. With your explanation be careful about being over critical of your current or previous employer. You never know who they know and you also want to avoid giving off a negative vibe.

4.  Start to Take Action. Simply going over and over in your head about how difficult work and life is at the moment is not going to help dig you out. You need to start to feel as though you have a plan, as though you are in control and the end is in sight. This action can be about understanding what would be a better fit for you going forward. Check out this free ebook to help you. Think about the environment and the people that are ideal for you. The skills you like using and what you are enthusiastic about. Although it may be easier to find another job while you are in employment, if the impact of staying is having such a detrimental impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing then you may need to seriously consider resigning without having another job to go to. If your reasons for leaving are related to the way you are being treated at work you may want to talk to your HR department or even try citizens advice to get support.

If you need help planning your escape plan and figuring out that next career move you may be interested in my career capture program. If you would like to know more get in touch.