Dear Father Christmas

I know you are really busy this year and that technically as I am over 18 I don’t qualify for a delivery, but I've been working really hard and would be on your 'nice list'. I would really love it if you could find me a new job, a job that makes me feel like I am making a difference each day, that allows me to grow and show what I have to offer. Ultimately I want a job I enjoy and allows me to thrive. I would really appreciate it if you could find the time.

Good luck with the Christmas deliveries and I hope you enjoy the New Year break.

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When you saw the title of this blog did it resonate, did it make you think – yep that’s me? If only it was as simple as asking the big man himself. But here’s the thing and the tough love....don't play the victim, the poor me, because you own your career, you are in control. The question is what is it that is stopping you?

Finding a new job takes time and effort, but if you find a job that you love that makes you happy to work, then the benefits are significant, not only in your professional life but your whole life including your health and your relationships. Think about it for a moment, when you have a bad day and come home who bears the brunt of those negative feelings, how does the fact you are not happy at work impact your loved one? When you are too busy and don’t eat properly who is this hurting? Consider the damage this unhappiness is doing to your body, to your sleep, to your diet. Since leaving my corporate job, I have finally managed to get rid of my teenage acne, have had the time and energy to invest and build a relationship and have taken time to focus on my friends and family. I like myself more!

Consider what it is costing you to stay and how you would feel if you were there still in 12 months’ time, 5 years’ time or even up until you retire. How would that make you feel? Now how does that compare with the cost of taking time out to find that new job? If for you the cost, the effort of finding that new job seems bigger than staying put then maybe the time is not now.

Maybe you actually like what you do but it’s the Company that is the problem, however, you are fearful that if you move it may not be any better. If this sounds familiar, then get clear on your likes and dislikes about your current employer so that as you start your search you can check out these elements.

Perhaps as you build this list you start to realise that moving to another company will not change things and actually the reality is that you have fallen out of love with your profession. But you don’t know what else you want or could do, instead, you latch on to the fact that maybe you should just move companies for now. It’s time to be honest, what is really driving this problem?

For years I would hold off taking any action because I was waiting for someone to come and offer me my dream job. But if I didn’t know what that dream looked like, what was the likelihood that someone else would know and be able to make that offer? If you find you are holding off because you don’t know what else you want to do then you need to start exploring. You need to start to get clear on what you want from a job and what you need. You need to start to open your eyes and speak to people and explore options. To get you going take a look at this FREE webinar and these 5 revealing exercises to start to build that picture.

February (along with September and October) are reported as being the busiest months for job applications so seize the opportunity, your time is now, after all, you stopped and read this blog for a reason.

If you need help figuring your next career move out, then why not join me on a complimentary call to find out how we could work together, consider me one of Father Christmas elves!