Even if you love your job after a week or two of indulgence it can be hard to find the energy and mindset to get back into your groove. Today has been my first full day and I was not looking forward to it, but I survived it!  Here are 5 strategies I am implementing to help me let go of the holiday blues.

1.  Post-holiday blues are normal, if like me you have had a couple of weeks of lazy mornings, have been overeating and drinking and your exercise regime has taken a nose dive then it’s not surprising you may feel a bit lethargic after all our body needs to adjust. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling like this, instead, be kind to yourself. Understand that it's normal and you are not the only one!

2.  Focusing on what will serve me best.  If you are not on your ‘A’ game think about what are the events, activities coming up over this week where you do need to be fully present and priorities these. When we operate on less energy we need to think about how we use this best. I may need to write a blog, or need to work on a training event, but the coaching sessions I have this week are my priority so I am letting go of the other things on my ‘To-Do List’ and focusing on preparing for my existing clients.

3.  Feeling organised and in control are key for me. Its helps me to declutter the mind and provides clarity about where to get started. Whether this is blocking out time to wade through your inbox, or planning your week and setting your top three priorities for the next few days. Consider what you need to do to help you ease yourself back in. Ask yourself, of that long to-do list, what is critical and what needs to be done by me.

4. Don’t get caught up in the negative moaning. Yes acknowledge how you feel, but try to limit the amount of time you spend with those people that won’t let their post-holiday blues go. Surrounding yourself with negative people will make it harder to get yourself on track and instead will pull you further into your black hole of despair.  Look for opportunities to spend time with those that engage, motivate and inspire you.

5.  Have something exciting to look forward to. When all the Christmas cheer has disappeared we can feel deflated, particularly if we don’t have anything exciting planned. Consider what you can do this weekend or an evening this week that will have a positive impact on your emotions.

And one final thought. Following a period of relaxation when the mind has space and freedom away from our normal routine can follow a period of creativity. If you have an idea that you want to nurture or a career goal that you want to make a reality then maybe now is your time. If you are looking to take your career in a new direction, why not consider booking an introductory call to understand how I can help you.