What do you think it takes to make a successful career change? An updated CV and LinkedIn profile? A healthy bank balance? Strong transferrable skills? An idea of what you want to do?

What would you think if I said none of the above was key – that I was off my rocker! Well, consider me that! Because to start your career change you do not need to have any of the above, yes knowing what you want to do or being clear on your transferrable skills can give you a head start but they are all things we can figure out on the way. Having a healthy bank balance can give you the freedom and luxury of time but prioritise updating your CV and/or LinkedIn profile is a waste of your energy if you have no idea of your end destination.

I define a successful career change as a move to a new job that gives you a greater sense of fulfilment, finding something that fits you better so you can be your true self, which meets your needs and desires. And to achieve this we need to have or be willing to work on our belief that we can and do deserve this, we must be willing to take action and be open to involving people.  Let me explain more.

Belief. Some people will keep themselves stuck in their miserable job because they don’t believe they can make a career change, a career change is something other people do. Or they can stay stuck because they don’t believe they deserve to be happy, that they should in fact just be grateful for what they have. Having the belief that you can do it has to be our initial focus, as our beliefs impact our ability to take action to find the answers and connect the dots as we move through our career change journey.

If you are struggling to believe this is possible, start by looking for people around you who have gone through their own career change and you will uncover that they are just like you and me, ordinary people who made a decision to do something about it, to take control. And if you don’t know anybody who has then I can share stories of my clients to help inspire you and you can borrow some of my belief!

If you can build your belief that you can and do deserve a change then you start to create the right mindset to take action.

Take action. A desire to make a career change will always come with a long list of questions: - What will I enjoy? What can I do with the skills I have? What if I make the wrong decision? Will I have to take a huge pay cut?’ You can try and work these questions out in your head and wait for the light bulb moment, but the quicker and more effective way is to engage in action. By engaging in activities we start to find answers.

Adopting a curious approach and giving yourself permission to explore, you’re not making rash decisions but rather investigating at this stage. But what type of actions, what do we mean? If you are starting from a position when you aren’t clear about what you would like to do, begin with looking at what you are interested in, what grabs your attention and excites you. Enthusiasm is the key to bring greater fulfilment. Separately start to identify skills which you would like to use more. We are then looking to uncover careers that combine your skills and enthusiasm and here is where you can start to explore.

However, this can seem overwhelming, knowing what actions to take and where to start and how to mitigate risky decisions. This is where someone like me can really help you get focused on efforts that will you get clarity and build your confidence that you are moving closer to achieving your career aspirations.

Talking to people. This may not be something that appears obvious at first, but when we are scratching our heads trying to think about what else we can do, we are limited to our own brainpower. By involving other people who we respect and trust we add to that thinking capacity and more importantly we start to get different perspective and exposure to a wider network.

Conversations with others will eventually lead you to your next move. Through sharing your preferred skills & your interests you will get a different perspective of career ideas. Through talking to people in areas which intrigue you, you build your knowledge & work with facts that enable you to test the suitability for yourself. By talking, you borrow other people’s brains speeding up the process.

Belief and action including the involvement of other people will lead you to results. A career change can be daunting & filled with uncertainty, but you don’t have to do it alone, you just have to start with the belief that it is possible and commit to making your one day today. What one action are you going to start with?

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