Client A’s burning question was what could she do that would bring her a better work-life balance. As a single mum, she was feeling the pressure of being there for the kids with working to meet her financial aspirations and was left having no energy or time for her own self-care and interests. She was on the road to burnout. How could she stop this, how could she find the life she wanted?

After years of working with the same organisation, Client B’s position was made redundant, she questioned how could she regain her confidence and find a career that would suit her and give her the financial security she craved.

Client C had fallen out of love with a job that had once been her baby. She was looking for something that could bring her joy and fulfilment and integrate around her home life. She wanted to make this her last career change and therefore needed to see the longevity in it and the ability to flex her working hours.

Client D wanted a plan that would get her out of her job and away from her controlling boss and take her in a new direction. Was it really the career she needed to escape or her boss that she needed to deal with?

At the heart of their career turmoil was a list of questions that needed answering. ‘What can I do?’ ‘How can I balance being a mother and having something for me?’ ‘How will I know this change will improve my situation?’ ‘Will I find something I enjoy again?’ ‘Is it possible to find something I will love and earn enough money?’ ‘How do I find the answers and make the change?’

What are the questions you have about your career challenges? In fact, your questions will be driven by one or a combination of the following:

  • Missing information. You know you want something different but you may not yet know what the end destination is. These types of questions are about gathering information so you can start to plot your journey.
  • Negative emotions. Your emotions will bring up questions regarding your suitability and competence for an alternative career. In your heart, you know that you need to do something different, but your head is challenging your instincts and slamming on the breaks because of emotions such as fear, guilt and frustration. These questions require you to become aware of barriers you may be putting in place and answering them with tools and techniques to release them.
  • Confusion regarding the career change process. Knowing what to do, what works and what doesn’t and how you can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be are typical questions that arise because you aren't familiar with the process. Finding confidence and clarity in your decisions and knowing that this will bring about the improvements you desire is what you are seeking.

A career change is like solving a mystery. You ask the questions and collect the information, and piece by piece the answers appear. However to solve your career mystery you need to be willing to ask the questions.

 “The first step to receiving an answer is to be brave enough to ask a question.”      Kaitlyn Bouchillon

So if you would love to change careers but have no idea where to start or how to make it happen, you feel overwhelmed by all the questions you have and feel maybe it's easier just to stay where you are. Then know that my clients all started their journey with a long list of questions.

Client A took ownership of her career and made changes that support the life she wants, she now has the space for her family and the recent additions of a puppy and allotment! Or Client B who has built a portfolio career, working part-time with two organisations that are aligned to her career values. Because she enjoys working with these organisation and using the skills required, she has found ease in her work which has created the space and energy to retrain in an area she is passionate about and will become the third part of her portfolio career – why have one when you can have three!

Client C achieved clarity and found the confidence to sell her once-beloved business and has since qualified in her new profession and is working on building a client base while supplementing her income in a complementary business. Client D took control of her career and pushed back on her boss and negotiated the hours she wanted to work and has the confidence to know she can escape if she needs to.

I share these client stories with you to not only inspire you but also to show that you can find the answers, just start by asking the questions. How do you do that? Join me tomorrow (Thursday 18th March) at 11 am as I host a Facebook Live Q&A and ask me your first question, it’s as simple as that. Start to solve your career mystery one question at a time. If you can’t join me then drop me an email with your question and watch the replay.

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