Do you have no problem listing the things you don’t like about your job?  Having to negotiate the office politics, the constant need to network to raise your profile, the lack of recognition for the contribution you make.  The assumption you will work longer than your contractual hours and you are only too happy to do so?

Pretty easy to come up with a quick list, yes?  However, when your thoughts turn to what you would like to do as an alternative, do you hit a brick wall?  Does your mind go blank?  For many people being able to articulate what they don’t want isn’t the problem but finding clarity on what they do is.  And without this clarity they are unable to move forward, they stay stuck.

How do you move away from focusing on what you don’t want to figure out what you do?  This is the consideration of today’s blog, in which I will share my top tips to help you make your shift and escape the rut.

The mind is an amazing tool and lurking within are the answers to your career questions, you just need to find a way of unlocking them.  The analogy of an iceberg is often used when explaining the mind.  The peak above the water represents the much smaller conscious mind, the surface structure and the mass below the water, the deep structure of the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind is inherently lazy and needs real clear orders to follow.  The problem is most people will be inconsistent with the orders they give the unconscious mind.  For example, do you find yourself one day thinking about how much you hate your job but then the next day you are trying to convince yourself that it’s not that bad?  The result is the unconscious mind gets confused and isn’t sure what it should do, should it be focusing on finding the next move or working on how to make this job better?

The second point is the unconscious mind can’t easily process negatives.  “I don’t want to be stressed; I don’t want to stay in this company.”  The unconscious mind must think about what it doesn’t want in order to think about what it does want.  It will focus on the problems first before it can move on.  Remember the unconscious mind is lazy and to help it you need to give it clear instructions.  To shift your focus away from the negative and start to think about outcomes you want to move towards.

If you are struggling to find your clarity, try out this series of questions to help you switch your focus.

Step 1 – Select your don’t want statements

“I don’t want to be doing this job this time next year.”

Step 2 – And when you are not stuck in this role, then what happens?

“I am doing something which enables me to learn and grow as an individual and feel more challenged.”

Step 3 – And what needs to happen for that to happen?

“I need to be clear about what are the specific areas I wish to develop.”

Step 4 – And what needs to happen for that to happen?

“I need to think about what I am interested in”

Continue to repeat step 4 until you get some specific action points.

Using this question series can help you to switch your focus towards what you would like, and the follow-up questions help you to expand, providing further insight into the direction and actions to take next.

How about blocking out 30 minutes in your schedule to see what this question series could highlight for you?

And while you are there why not take advantage of a free introductory coaching session so we can explore your findings more.

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