Individual Coaching Sessions

We kick off the session by understanding what you want to focus on and what you would like to take away from the session. This ensures that we focus on what's important to you. Sessions last 50 mins to 1 hour.

Individual Coaching Monthly Retainer

For ongoing coaching a monthly retainer is the best option.  This includes a dedicated weekly or fortnightly coaching session, supporting materials, feedback on any documents you wish to share and any interim contact.


Join a small group of people who are facing a similar challenge. Participants support one another to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and provide a safe environment to share concerns, fears and network.

Tailored Group Workshops

For company's and associations, tailored workshops can be designed and delivered.  Sessions may include but not limited to:

 Goal setting and staying on track (work or personal)
 Career Coaching  Personal Brand
 People Management  Change Management
 Restructuring  Planning  Creating a Balanced Life

Refer Someone

& get a free coaching session

I love receiving referrals as it means you like and value what I do!

For every new paid client you refer to me you receive a free individual coaching session to use when the time is right for you.

"When I met Kerrie I was frustrated with a situation that I thought was out of my control. Kerrie helped me break down the problem into manageable chunks which meant I could see how to tackle each one individually to enable me to achieve my goal!

I seem to be able to do the same for others but needed Kerrie to help me! Kerrie made me come up with my own solution which was much more empowering!!

After meeting with Kerrie, I felt ready to build myself a plan to address my objectives. Kerrie helped me put order to my priorities. Most importantly, Kerrie challenged me to define what I saw as success. She made sure I was going to feel fulfilled if I reached my target, not just relieved!"

Fay | Taking control of her next career step

Fay | Taking control of her next career step

Take Control Of Your Future

Let's schedule a free introductory call to get to know one another.
It will help us to:

  • Understand the challenge(s) you are facing and want to work on,
  • Decide if coaching is right for you.
  • • Together we will determine if I'm the right person to help - and if I'm not that's ok.

My priority is to help you get the right support to discover, plan and love your life.