"During the past 3 years, I came to the decision that something had to change within my life and that change had to be my career.  I had stagnated and felt no joy in my work any longer.  I struggled with how I could possibly move away from a secure job that I was good at and gave me financial security but knew that I really wanted to take the step and start a new chapter in my career.

Working with Kerrie at Positive Dimensions has been a complete game-changer for me.  I was able to look at shifting careers in a totally different way and build up the confidence to actually take the step to hand in my resignation and start looking at other paths that interested me.  I will never doubt my gut feeling again.  The way in which Kerrie works provided me with the confidence to start approaching and talking to other people in fields related to my interests and skill set.  The work that I completed with Kerrie, was at times challenging, as it was pushing me out of my comfort zone, but it was completely worth it as I feel more confident and really excited about the next steps I will be taking to move towards the career/job I am wanting. 

Kerrie has a real ability to connect with people and seems to know exactly how to work through bumps in the road, the self-doubt that frequently arises and answers questions honestly and compassionately.  I think that anyone that is at any sort of crossroads within their career journey would benefit from working with Kerrie, she is able to speak from experience and has a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

Thank you so very much for giving me the nudge and support that I needed and helping me clear the path to my next adventures. "

Sarah | Confident and excited about the future

Career Change

“When I first got in touch with Kerrie I was at a crossroads, having been made redundant from my job due to Covid. I had been feeling very unfulfilled in my old job, and already had an inkling that there was more out there for me, but honestly had no idea in which direction to head first."

Kerrie really helped me to recognise the elements of my previous job that I wanted to move away from, and the parts that made me sing, thus bringing me closer to what it was I actually wanted to be doing. We worked through various tasks that helped to refine my areas of interest, and as the process went on I could finally see fulfilling possibilities ahead of me. Kerrie didn’t just leave me with the ideas though, she gave me the tools to research and test out my options, supporting me as I moved through the fear of trying something new.

For anyone who is hesitating to change careers because you don’t know where to begin, you will not regret engaging in Kerrie’s help. Without the accountability and guidance she provided throughout my career-change process, I honestly think I would still be floundering (and procrastinating) on how to move forward. But I am pleased to say I have just launched my new business, have an active client base, and finally feel like I have found my purpose!"

Nichola | Finding her purpose

finding your purpose

“Working with Kerrie helped me to focus on clear goals. Kerrie took me through my career and I was able to identify key elements of my history where I have excelled and enjoyed myself the most. My confidence was at a low when we started working together and as part of the structure, coaching and advice, I have my mojo back and my self-esteem is back where it should be.

I am now able to follow a true passion of mine, where in the past I hadn’t believe that this was something that I could achieve or be able to sustain. I have found clarity in what is important to me and what will help me feel more fulfilled in a job and career moving forward.

I was quite emotional when I completed the programme as we reviewed my initial goal and I realised that I was making real progress in getting there. When we first started working together Kerrie asked me what would success look like for me and I said “to know what the next 2 working years looked like and to have the confidence to be working towards it” ...tick tick. There were big smiles and a few tears - I felt proud of myself!

I think that anyone who is feeling underwhelmed with their job would really benefit from working with Kerrie. Sometimes we get bogged down by thinking there are no alternatives or that we need to earn x amount of money. If you are questioning what you’re doing day in day out then have a chat with Kerrie and take some time out for you to explore how you can create a more fulfilled life.

Thank you so much for working with me it’s been a real life-changing time for me."

Jayne | Building a portfolio career

Career Advice

"I contacted Kerrie because I thought I needed some advice and guidance on how to cope with some issues at work that were bothering me. Kerrie worked with me to discover what it actually was that I was struggling with, why that was, and enabled me to work out what I could do about it.

As a result of working with Kerrie, I made some startling realisations about the way that I had previously approached my working life. Through the initial exploratory sessions, I also discovered what made me happy in the workplace, and what I could offer to the workplace.

From undertaking a new career search, through the application and interview process, she provided complete support and unfailing faith in my ability to do whatever I wanted.

 After completing the course I felt empowered, I had clarity and focus of where and what I needed to be doing. I felt confident in myself and my abilities and worth.

I was able to confidently leave my job, search for a new career path, apply myself through the application process and ultimately succeed in being offered a lovely new job. Kerrie had given me a framework of practical guidance and steadfast support. Listening to what I needed, responding at the pace and style I wanted, Kerrie is a positive influence. She kept me on track when it could have been easy to wallow, in the unfairness at work. When the hard work that I needed to put into my new career path dawned on me, she gave practical advice.  She is a professional, not only good at her job, she has walked your path.

Kerrie has a peculiar way of understanding what you are trying to say and grasping the nuances of how you are feeling almost immediately. She has a wealth of experience and is highly emotionally intelligent. Using these skills she will stand by your side as you “run your own race”.

 If like me, you thought a “Career Coach” was something that other people did, it will surprise you to know that I’m just an ordinary person, like you.

To benefit from Kerrie, all you need to start with is a question, and Kerrie will help you find your own solution. It could be personal, it could be professional."

Alison | Making her hobby her job

Managing fears to start a new career

"I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made a big life decision- I’ve decided to do a PGCE to become a secondary teacher. After going back over all the work we did, I realised that it was my limiting beliefs that made me think I wouldn’t be good at it/ I wouldn’t find it meaningful. I’ve sent my application in and have a couple of interviews coming up over the next month so I’m really excited. Thank you so much for all the help you gave me- I don’t think I’d have come to this decision without the help and guidance I had on the course!"

Rebecca | Letting go of her limiting beliefs

Letting go of limiting beliefs

“Working with Kerrie helped me methodically go through the process of deciding what I wanted from a new career with a clear head. It has helped me think hard about priorities and pushed me to explore new ventures.

With Kerrie as a ‘backer’, I felt able to step out of my comfort zone and research new areas of employment as well as reveal my new career search to friends and family who could give suggestions.

I felt very empowered and confident that I would reach a decision on where to take my career.

I think anyone who is looking to change their career path would benefit from working with Kerrie. She has an affinity with women especially, understanding their pressures and questioning their perceived limitations.”

Heather| From Music to Nutrition

Career change

"Before working with Kerrie I felt a lack of direction in my life. I was fearful for the future and of making changes. Unsure of my next steps and I didn't know how to get myself out of the cycle I was in. During my time with Kerrie, I was able to make actionable goals to help steer myself in a new direction. I was able to address what I was really afraid of and start making changes in my life.

In the space having my coaching with Kerrie, I embarked on a new career, got onto the property ladder & tried something completely new - a carpentry course! · The sessions are guided by myself and steered in the right direction by Kerrie. Key points are addressed, this can sometimes be emotive but once we have moved passed this we can focus on making goals that make my thoughts a reality."

Nat | Managed her fears to start a new career & spending more time with Blu the dog!

Feel the fear

"When I started working with Kerrie I was two years into my first “proper job” and struggling with the notion of beginning my professional career. I had always lacked confidence but I felt particularly overwhelmed by working alongside my more experienced colleagues. I was in a cycle of constantly comparing myself to others who were at more advanced stages in their careers, which made me feel as though I was falling at the first hurdle and not achieving my best. I was my biggest critic and this was very frustrating and caused me to doubt my abilities, even in completing simple tasks. This was really holding me back and I knew I needed to make a change if I was going to progress and achieve my goal of having a successful career.

During my sessions with Kerrie, we worked together to develop strategies on how best to overcome my fears and let go of the (often unrealistic) high standards I had set myself. Kerrie’s suggestion that I set myself small challenges to work towards helped make my goals seem more manageable and we worked together to develop coping mechanisms for when I was feeling particularly anxious about a situation in both my work and personal life. This approach has helped me to see that my career is a marathon and not a race and that I should be content with where I was and the direction I was going in – because I was doing a good job and had achieved a lot!

Kerrie has the ability to bring clarity and suggest solutions to a situation that may seem difficult or even impossible at that time. She has a very calming and welcoming approach which helps to create a comfortable environment that allows you to really open up. During our sessions together, Kerrie always listens carefully and gives considered suggestions and helpful insights into her own personal experiences that I can draw upon. Kerrie has been infinitely helpful and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I am looking forward to implementing the strategies she has helped me to develop in order to work towards my goals!"

Beth | Using mentoring to help her grow her confidence and thrive

Career Mentoring

"Well... I'm ready to go... job number 2 applied for ....in the sector I now know I want to be in!

As a result of working with Kerrie, I now feel I am able to challenge myself to look inwardly before jumping into roles because they are presented... or fit an outdated view I have of what I wanted!"

Fay | Taking control of her next career step

Fay | Find a job to fit her

"I found working with Kerrie great. There were various aspects of my life that I wanted to evaluate and she seemed very positive that we would be able to get results.

Prior to meeting with Kerrie, I had gone through a bout of depression and I was really struggling with what my purpose was. Kerrie helped me build up my self-esteem so that I could tackle areas of my life I had been struggling with such as relationships and finances. I now feel that I am no longer basing my self-esteem on whether people like me or not. Plus with Kerrie’s help, I am now trying to reduce my debt and focus on the future.

After working with Kerrie it felt like she had changed my life! I have become a positive person which in turn has enhanced all aspects of my life. So people have even said to me it's like talking to a different person!

I think anyone who is struggling with an aspect of their life should definitely see Kerrie. She has been essential in turning my mindset around and has made me realise nothing is impossible. She really has changed my life."

Sara | Working through self-esteem challenges

Self esteem

"Before I met Kerrie, I was feeling a little bit confused regarding my next step in my professional career. I had a goal but couldn't work out a way to achieve it in my current busy schedule.

We talked about the importance of the things happening in my life and what could take a temporary back seat to allow room for the necessary time to achieve my goal. We then rebuilt my schedule with manageable chunks of the study I needed.

Kerrie gave me clarity on a situation I was struggling to proceed with. She listened while giving me encouragement and through prompts, I could work out how to move forward. I felt very comfortable and at ease with Kerrie because she has a very kind soul and professional approach which means you know you will achieve huge amounts in one session."

Vicci | Removing obstacles to achieve her goals

Career goals

"Kerrie provided structure and some order to processes that were slightly outside of my experience. I had come from a structured corporate arena to one that was less ordered and more entrepreneurial. She provided clarity and was a sounding board that enabled me to have a clear plan of how to proceed in my new role. She provided insight into some of the barriers both internal & external that I would need to overcome.

Kerrie’s input allowed me to compartmentalise some of the issues that I was facing. This in turn allowed us to develop a strategy to address them individually. Prior to this, this may have seemed overwhelming, new job, lack of structure, a new way of working, etc., but working with Kerrie provided some much-needed clarity.

I genuinely believe that most people would. Even if you are at the top of your game, everyone could benefit from having their thought processes challenged in a non-confrontational, considered way. Kerrie has the ability to quickly assess, challenge and advise, and we could all benefit from this approach."

Nick| Successfully starting a new career

"I started working with Kerrie at a time when my life had become a cycle of repetitive activity and behaviour. I knew I was in need of a shake-up and wanted to make some major changes to how I was living my life and spending my time day by day, which quickly becomes month-by-month and year-by-year.

Kerrie is the first life coach I have ever worked with and it has been a great experience. She has helped me to gain clarity on what is important to me and to devise a plan to start living the life I desire. Before I started working with Kerrie I felt my life was lacking a strong sense of purpose, that I was merely going through the motions of working and following my day-to-day routine without any vision or understanding for where I wanted to be in my life and how I was going to get there.

Kerrie has helped me clearly understand what is important to me and has guided me on how to take the right steps to bring more meaning and purpose into my life. We have worked together to create short and long-term goals and strategies to achieve them and keep myself on track.

I believe that anyone looking to make changes in their lives, whether they be big or small, personal or professional, could really benefit from Kerrie's coaching. She has a unique ability to help you understand blocks and challenges and identify strategies to work through them."

CD | Getting clarity on the important things in life

Clarity on what's important

"I had a presentation I needed to prepare for that was still somewhat abstract in my mind before speaking with Kerrie. Working with Kerrie helped me to outline and highlight the key points and navigate timing and transitions. Her feedback was direct, relevant, and on point. After our chat, she also pointed me to a blog article she'd written that I found extremely helpful in terms of handling the inevitable nerves that come up for me before a public talk.

Perhaps most importantly, Kerrie's input helped me to gain confidence in sharing my talk. I had felt unsure about sharing the material, much of which was quite personal though relevant to the topic. After a session with Kerrie, I felt I had someone in my corner who knew the nuts and bolts of my talk intimately, someone who was championing me and believing in the worthiness of my presentation. In a very real way, I took this sense of support with me into the room during the day of the presentation- and I believe that made all the difference in the success of this presentation!

I have no doubt that my work with Kerrie helped me to pull off a successful presentation. The week preceding the talk, I had been extremely nervous and dreading it, but speaking with Kerrie changed that. By the time the day of the talk came, I found myself relaxed, secure, and actually excited about it! This was startling; when I stood up before the crowd I felt calm and capable, and this helped me to deliver the material from a genuine and authentic voice, not a nervous one.

I truly enjoyed the experience and received excellent feedback and interest from audience members. This presentation was sort of a milestone for me in terms of getting my work out into the world, and I am grateful for Kerrie's invaluable input and support!"

Kristen | Stepping outside her comfort zone

Stepping outside your comfort zone

"Just come out of a session with Kerrie and feel motivated and focused. Kerrie helped me to cut through the noise and focus on the main issues holding me back in making the decision in which direction to take my young business. Saying it out loud with Kerrie's assistance helped to work through my worries, concerns, the pros and cons, whilst taking time to acknowledge and highlight the achievements and successes so far - I do deserve a pat on the back.

I would recommend Kerrie to anyone working through any problems with their new business. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in business which comes across in her professional, calm and friendly manner."

Charlie | Getting unstuck to evolve her business

Business growth

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